passive vs noise cancellation

Active vs Passive Noise Cancellation Difference & Benefits

When you buy any kind of headphones, the point of noise cancellation comes into play. Noise cancellation is one of the prominent features of modern headphones. Be it the wireless earbuds or the headphones, they all are nowadays having noise cancellation. There is nothing to confuse, as noise cancellation is what the name suggests. The noise cancellation is nothing but the technology, which digitally cancels the outside noise and lets you enjoy the music without external interruptions. If you are the one willing to know more about noise cancellation, then there are two types.

Active noise cancellation and passive noise cancellation are the two types of this technology. If you are not sure which one suits your requirements, then you are at the right place. In this post, we are going to share detailed information on the Active and Passive Noise cancellation in the headphones. You’ll understand the details of active and passive noise cancellation and also the benefits of each type. So, if you are unaware of this technology and want to know which one is better for your needs, then you’ll get all the knowledge in this post.

passive vs noise cancellation

What is Active Noise Cancellation?

Active noise cancellation is a technology, which is quite useful in reducing noise. With active noise cancellation, you can immediately reduce the outside noise while wearing the headphone. In this technology, small microphones have been used that capture the outside noise and reduce them digitally. So, while wearing the active noise cancellation headphone, the feed cancellation occurs digitally, and you won’t hear any sound from the outside. With the feed cancellation, forward-feed cancellation, and digital cancellation, the outside sound is masked properly, so you can hear the music or any audio with ease. Though note that the ANC tech comes in premium earbuds only.

Benefits of Active Noise Cancellation

Effective Noise cancellation in digital mode is the biggest benefit of the Active Noise Cancellation technology. The microphones picking up the external sounds and digitally filtering them so that you won’t hear anything through the headphone is the biggest benefit. The ANC or the Active Noise cancellation devices are highly useful in sound recording studios, heavy noise places like Airports and factories. Also, it’s highly recommended for outdoor communications, as the external noise doesn’t affect the communication.

What is Passive Noise Cancellation?

Passive Noise cancellation is the technique of isolating the sound from reaching your ears. The Passive Noise cancellation comes with similar technology but has fewer microphones to capture the external sound. Also, the sound isolation depends on the cushioning on the earmuffs, which isolates most of the sound. Passive Noise cancellation is great for normal usage. That’s why most of the basic headphones come with passive noise cancellation. They mostly rely on noise cancellation based on the cushioning, so you may hear some hissing sound while using such headphones. Also, the noise cancellation feature is only available in the headphones and not the earphones.

Benefits of Passive Noise Cancellation

Passive noise cancellation uses fewer amount of microphones. So, the users will have less sound isolation, but the battery life of the headphone will be increased. Less the fewer microphones, the more the battery life will be. The passive noise cancellation headphones are best for general usage. If you are living indoors and always use headphones for playing games and listening to music indoors, then it’s the best thing. Also, if you tend to use the headphones while driving, the passive noise cancellation headphones suit you the best, as they tend not to filter the horn noises helping you understand the traffic scenario.

Final Words

Most of the time, we cannot hear the music with headphones when there is excessive noise in the environment. Not all people can go to serene and calm places to enjoy the music. That’s why Active and Passive noise cancellation headphones are highly recommended. With the proper noise isolation, you can easily hear everything but filter out the external noise. Unfortunately, most people have no idea about the ANC and PNC technologies. So they choose the wrong type of headphone for their requirements. In this post, we tried our best to share all the information about Active Noise cancellation and passive noise cancellation. If you have any doubts, make sure to use the comment section below.…

Want to save on fuel? Try converting to LPG gas:

What is LPG?

LPG(Liquified Petroleum Gas) is a gas which we use in our household for cooking. Several gases come under the category of LPG gas. For example propane, butane, propane-butane. Different countries supply different categories of LPG to their citizen. In Australia, LPG contains only propane, whereas in India we have 60% propane and 40% butane. Thus in India, we have mix LPG.

Application areas of LPG:

The major application of LPG throughout the globe is for cooking purposes. LPG is quite cost-efficient and is easy to handle as compared to other flammable gases. The other applications of LPG include sectors like agriculture, Food industries, sailing, and fishing sectors.

LPG in agriculture:

Though we haven’t noticed it, however, the agricultural profession has become a very competitive profession. There is a tough competition going on to produce crop production which is of good quality, better for sustainability, and at the same time cost-efficient. Thus in order to achieve this farmers should have a cost-efficient technology. Now comes LPG into the picture. There are various applications in the agricultural domain where we require heat and fire. For example, poultry sheds, greenhouses, and nurseries require adequate space heating which can be obtained using LPG. Similarly, nowadays pest control is done using heat instead of chemicals to avoid spraying of chemicals on crop products. The plants which are grown in greenhouses require CO2 for their growth. Thus CO2 is also being produced using LPG. Similarly, today’s irrigation technology requires engines to operate. As engines come into the picture there has to be some kind of fuel that will drive the engine. Thus again LPG comes into the picture and in this way, we can go on and on.

LPG in the Food Industry:

Now, this is something which every one of us has noticed. From a tea stall to a 5-star restaurant every part of the food industry uses LPG in some or other way. This is because as far as fuels are concerned LPG is the cheapest and best option for the food industry. As discussed above LPG is also easy to handle. As new cuisines are getting evolved the control over the flame is also very important. Thus the LPG technology which we have facilitates easy control of flames and no professional training is required. For frying applications, LPG proves to be the best option because there are different food items which require the different temperature of oils to achieve certain level crispiness and taste. The best example would be French Fries. Thus Food industry is quite influenced by LPG.

Initiatives of Government India to switch over LPG:

There were some vital steps taken by the Government of India which were affiliated to LPG. Pradhan Mantri Ujwala Yojna was one of them. According to this scheme government of India took an initiative to provide LPG gas cylinders 3 burner to the rural parts of India. According to this scheme families which reside in the rural part of India and which are below the poverty line, LPG is made accessible to such families. Later on, this scheme was also made open to Schedule cast and Schedule tribe communities. The point to notice here is that the government stated that they have launched this scheme to empower women and to protect their “HEALTH ISSUES” which were being caused due to traditional stoves which women used for cooking. From this, we can also conclude that LPG also reduces the health-related issues which are caused due to traditional cooking procedure.

Change in LPG Consumption:

According to several reports and case studies, it is observed that the consumption of LPG increased from 56.2% to 89%. This means there was a nearly a leap of 32.8%. Indian fuel companies have added nearly 100 million consumers since 2015. The Government of India is also suggesting people, that to give up their extra subsidy of LPG cylinders to provide access to LPG cylinders to families that are below the poverty line. Uttarakhand is the only state where people have switched 100% of their domestic cooking application to LPG. Eastern states are near to 70%. Western states are somewhere around 81.9 percent, and southern states being on second number have 99.7 percent of their domestic cooking application switched to LPG gas.

Overall Advantages of LPG:

  1. It is a non-toxic and non-corrosive gas.
  2. Less emission of CO2, NOx, and other higher levels of hydrocarbons.
  3. Knocking and vibrations are very much less in LPG engines.
  4. Cleaning of the combustion chamber is not required rigorously because particulate emissions are very less.
  5. High Octane rating and burns very cleanly.
  6. Octane rating is more than 100 RON.

Conclusion: In this article, we have tried to discuss what is LPG, Its different types, and how it is the best source for fuel as compared to others in various parameters and especially in terms of cost-efficiency. We also discussed its various applications and indulgence of the Government Of India in the initiative to switch to LPG gas. At Last, we discussed the Overall advantages to use LPG.…

How to Choose Best Wire cable for home

Electric wires are essential things in a house that help us stay connected to electricity and appliances we use on daily terms. There is various kind of electrical wires available in a household depending upon the need and uses. Cooper wires are cheaper because of the availability of copper as a mineral.

Electric wires have color-coded components on the outer surface of the wire, which helps us separate the kind of wire. Electrical wires get hot while working, and these coatings help them stay cool on the outer side. If you are willing to buy a new kind of cable, then you might consider a high-quality fire because they keep us safe, and a low-quality wire can cause sudden voltage breaks or even cause you harm.

These wires can power around 100 amp. There are various kinds of color codings, such as black wire and red wire, which means that the red wire is suitable for conductivity. Wires are customizable and can be customized easily by cutting and remove the excessive rubber portion over them. There are various kinds of cables, such as strong and durable wires, which also come with a steel curated option, which means you cannot cut through them.


HPL is one of the largest brands dealing with conductive wires, and they have been in the market for a while. Most households and buildings are built with HPL because they are durable and have less price than others in the same price range. These wires come with a fire-resistant coating, which means even if they have any shock inside or outside the wire, they won’t burn. Yet another one of the best wire cable companies.

These also came with an IS/ISI/RHO certification and can be used for commercial purposes. These are government-approved wires, and they also have PVC and copper as their material. These wires are cheap, durable, and have the fire-resistant feature that makes them one of the best wires you can get under an affordable price range.

Havells wires

Havells is a brand dealing with electrical appliances for a while. They are famous for what they do. These wires from Havells are red-coated wire that has higher-grade quality materials and built quality. These wires are the best conductive wires you can get, and they come with a leakage current of 0. 010 amps.

These wires have higher insulation resistance and can work with the untrusted electrical supply. There are various color coatings that you can get, and they have around 90 meters of wire length, which is suitable for a household. These wires originated in India and come with anti-termite and anti rodent support, which means that termite and rodents won’t break-in. These wires are also coming with ROHS. Havells is one of the best ways you can get for your household, and they have an affordable price.…

10 Facts About the Hindi Language

Hindi is famous for its rich texture and pronunciation. The Hindi language is also spoken in various other countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom because they are mostly from India. English as a language, some words inspired by Hindi as well. Some word. The jungle is a word that is inspired by Hindi. Karma and avatar are also the words that are inspired by the Hindi language.

Hindi is also a famous language in the technical world. Hindi is a language that can be used to make a web address. There are only seven types of languages that we use to make a web address, and Hindi is one of them. Hindi language is the Dravidian language and has various belongings to Arabic and Sanskrit. Hindi is a name that has been derived from the Persian word for land of the Indus river. Learn typing in hindi using english to hindi typing.

Facts About the Hindi Language

· Hindi is also a famous language and is under the UNESCO, and there is a special day celebrated as Hindi Day.

· Hindi is also one of India’s oldest languages, and various cities are adopted in place of Urdu or Sanskrit. Bihar is one of the first states in India that adopted Hindi as its national language.

· Hindi is a language that has been used for years and is now a national language of India. Hindi is the official language of India, and according to UNESCO, it is a rich language. The Hindi language is a national language since 1965.

· The Hindi language is also one of the most spoken languages in India and the world. Hindi has more than 500 million speakers. The Hindi language is the most spoken language in other countries as well because of immigrants.

· Hindi is also one of the unique languages because each word in Hindi sounds different and has a different vocabulary. Hindi is a language where comments can be meanings.

· Hindi cinema or Bollywood is also one of the most net worth film industries in the world. Most of the films in Bollywood have the Hindi language because of the diversity and its viewers.

· Gita is a spiritual book that has a Hindi scripted form.

· Hindi is a language that has inspired various other languages such as Persian and English. Hindi is also a language that has a close relationship with the Arabic language.

· The Hindi language has similar properties to the Sanskrit language, which is known to be the oldest in the world. Hindi is a more straightforward form of Sanskrit, and it has words that correlate around its vocabulary and some pronunciations.

· Hindi and Arabic are two languages that have similarities around each other. Urdu is also a part of the Hindi language that has some textured words inspired by Hindi.…

Some Tips To Main A Beautiful Lawn

Beautiful Lawn

For those in love with their exterior appearance, you surely don’t want to let your garden appear as it is, right? Planting garden grass can indeed make your yard look more beautiful and perfect. Of course, many of you don’t know how to plant garden grass, or maybe you’ve tried it but failed.

How to care for Japonica grass

Beautiful Lawn

1. Make sure the water needs are met

Water is the origin of life. In Indonesia, water is usually abundant during the rainy season, the price of Japonica grass. As a result, how to plant carpet grass, we don’t need to water the plants.

On the other hand, when the dry season arrives, the rain will stop so that the soil’s water content decreases drastically. It is when you have to water Japonica grass.

In the morning and evening, you need to water the plants sufficiently and not get hyperbole because it can cause the grassroots to rot.

2. Fertilization to add organic substances

Every living thing needs food. So also with Japonica grass. This grass requires a fertilizer that is rich in organic matter. In addition to organic liquid fertilizer, you can also use NPK fertilizer to brighten the green hue on plant leaves.

The dose of npk fertilizer used means 100 grams / m2. As a trick to make the fertilizer spread more evenly, you can mix the NPK using sand. Like various types of bonsai ornamental moss.

3. Pruning to uniform the height

Various factors influence the growth rate of Japonica grass. Among them are water, nutrients, sunlight, and others. Because the absorption that is carried out by each Japonica grass plant is not the same, the growth rate is different.

As a result, in an extended period, you will see grass that grows very fast, medium, and slowly. This condition causes the grass height is not uniform so that it looks less beautiful. The solution is to prune this Japonica grass at least once every three months to maintain an altitude of approximately 2.5-3 cm.

4. Avoid parasites

Nuisance plants or better known as weeds, are all types of plants that live in imperfect places. If this plant is left unchecked, the absorption of nutrients by the cultivated plant will be disrupted.

Therefore, all weeds that grow in the garden area must be eradicated. You can pull it out manually and burn the collected plants, so they don’t spread anymore.

5. Injection of planting media

As time goes by, the growing media that was previously loose will turn out to be dense and tight. As a result, the living grass on it will have difficulty getting water and nutrients.

To prevent this from happening, you can inject sand and humus into it. The method is to use a garden fork to perforate the planting medium using a 10 x 3-centimeter interval and a depth of about 5-10 cm.


Nutgrass likes dry, but also wet, places like rivers, canals, and rice fields. Nutgrass usually grows up to 140 cm tall. Although it is often seen as a weed, you can use nutgrass to decorate your garden. The long leaves and stems make a nice touch when combined with the small grass around them.

If you are planting nutgrass in your home garden, try to tidy it regularly, so it doesn’t disturb other plants. Because this grass proliferates, and the roots can stick out in any direction. You can ferment nutgrass as fertilizer to make it more fertile and add sweetness to the fruit.

Elephant grass

Beautiful Lawn

Elephant grass is the most common choice for home yards in Asia. Because the treatment is not painful and is very suitable in tropical climates, make sure the sun is shining on the lawn, so the elephant grass looks green and lush. If there are trees that don’t cover the surface too much, make room for this grass to photosynthesize properly.

Manila grass

Beautiful Lawn

Manila grass is one of the highest quality grass species. This grass is deep green, has good strength and elasticity, and can withstand footrests. However, Manila grass requires quite an extra routine maintenance. You need to prune it regularly, apply fertilizer, and water it frequently. Grassroots can rot if you don’t prune them regularly; manila grass is also not waterproof, so try to have your garden have a flat surface so that there is no stagnant water.

Swiss grass

Swiss grass is the smoothest of all greens. However, this grass requires full sun lighting, at least 80%. Swiss grass should not be damp because if it is moist, the results will not be optimal. To keep the grass reasonable, mow the lawn at least once a month.

For fertilizer application, it is also better to use urea than manure. Because if you use manure, it will grow weeds and can cause swiss grass to die. In terms of price, Swiss grass is the most expensive among other grasses.

You should know

Mow the lawn

Mowing is an excellent solution if you don’t have a machine. Cutting the grass is done with a sickle, knife, or scissors. Even though it looks easy, several things must be considered when cutting grass with this tool. First, the swing of the sickle must reach to the roots. In addition to removing dead grass, this prepares the soil to allow new, greener grass to reproduce. Besides, the earth also needs to be loosened to help fertilize the soil and encourage the growth of fresh grass.

Tidying the Grass

After the grass is cut and the soil is loosened, the next step is to tidy the lawn. When trimming the garden, do not swing the sickle too deep, and it should not hit the ground. It is because the grass will turn yellow when the weather is hot after the first mowing stage and let stand a few days. Don’t forget to water the lawn regularly and watering and caring for plants in general so that the grass doesn’t dry out and wilt.

Also, know the type of grass you are planting, whether it requires a lot of water or not so that the watering will be more precise and efficient. Don’t occasionally water after it rains, as the soil will become saturated, and eventually, the grass will die.

Use of Fertilizer

The use of fertilizers aims to ensure soil fertility. Take soil samples to a landscaper or nursery center so they can suggest suitable fertilizers. There are two types of fertilizers to choose from, namely chemical or organic fertilizers. Moreover, the use of fertilizers that do not match the size of the soil needs results is not optimal.

Soil Density

Apart from humans, soil and roots also need air to breathe. By pouring a little water above the soil surface and waiting a few minutes to see the soil’s absorption capacity, If the waterfalls to be absorbed by the ground, it has carbon dioxide in it.

Therefore, to help oxygen soak up to the roots, make a few small holes into the soil with a certain distance. With these holes, it is expected to release a little carbon dioxide content and allow air to penetrate the ground to the roots.


It would be better to better recognize the home page position better whether or not it is suitable for planting the grass you want. Sometimes we are attracted to certain greens, but they need to grow their size does not allow grass to grow in that land. Assess the characteristics of your yard, whether it gets morning or evening sunshine, a broad or narrow land area, is located close to or a distance from the walls of the house, and take the time to water and tidy your lawn.…

What is Scrabble Game and How to Play It

You can define Scrabble merely as a board game of wordplay, where you use letter tiles to form various words. But it isn’t as simple as that description lets on, which is why it’s thoroughly engaging. Besides being an excellent way to spend your free time, this a game that demands strategy, proper timing, smart guessing, undivided attention, all this without compromising the fun factor.

In this day and age of online gaming, one will ask why Scarable when tons of other options are available? Well, besides providing entertainment and fruitful interactive experience, it will improve your vocabulary immensely. So let’s check out in detail how to play this game.

Scrabble—The Basics

Scrabble word finder is what you call a “word game” that is played with lettered tiles and has 2 to 4 participants. To come out top, each player must try to make maximum points by forming words on a board using small square tiles. The game comes to a conclusion when a player uses all his tiles, or there are no more tiles left to draw. All players must agree on using a dictionary to verify legitimacy in case someone makes a word that another player believes is invalid.

Materials Required:

  • 15×15 Scrabble board.
  • The standard set of 100 tiles placed in an opaque bag.
  • One rack per player.
  • Paper & Pen to keep a check on scores.

Rules and Gameplay Methods:

  • Take all the tiles, put them all in the bag, and shake them. This will ensure that the tiles are distributed pretty evenly.
  • To determine who goes first, each of the players must draw one tile randomly from the bag and place it on the table. Look for the tile that is closest to the letter “A” because the owner of that tile gets the opportunity to play first. If any player gets a blank tile, that player can also start the game.
  • The next step is to draw tiles for the actual gameplay. Shake the bag of tiles, and the person who got the chance to go first must take seven tiles. After that, the remaining players must take out seven tiles; players must do this without showing what tile they have to their opponents.
  • There are two blank tiles in the bag that can be used as any letters. When a player draws a blank tile, they must assign it a letter of their choice, and it will be that letter for the rest of the game.
  • The first word is played by the person who chose the letter nearest to “A.” This player must make sure that the word he/she makes consists of at least two letters, and must be formed over the star square on the center of the board. Another thing to be noted is that the word can be laid out in a vertical or horizontal fashion, but never diagonally.

  • The player who makes the first word gets the advantage of scoring double of their current score because the star at the centre counts as a Premium Square allowing, a double word bonus. I.e., if the total value of your first word is 7–which you get by counting the number on your letter tile you used to make the word– it will be 14 due to Premium Square. Imagine you placed a tile over a square that says “Double Letter,” then you can double the value of that letter tile only.
  • After each turn, you have to draw as many new tiles you have used up. For instance, if you used three of your tiles to form a word during your chance, then you must draw three new tiles at the end of your turn and keep them on your rack.
  • You can extend already existing words(and score points) that your opponents have played on the board. But in a way that will form legitimate words. For e.g., if PLAY is used, you can repurpose it by adding (RE)PLAY or PLAY(ER).
  • Another way you can score a bunch of points is by playing parallel to already present words.
  • There is an option to challenge your opponents if he or she has played a word that is seemingly nonexistent or misspelled. After one gives the challenge, they must look up the word in the dictionary–which was agreed upon before the beginning of the game.
  • If the word happens to be in the dictionary and is correctly spelled on the board, then the point will remain with your opponent, and you will lose your turn. Likewise, if the word is not in the dictionary, then it must be removed from the board, and the player will lose their points and turn.
  • You have the option to exchange the tiles you don’t want. To do that, you have to put the tiles in your hand back to the bag, then shuffle the bag and take a new set of tiles that are equivalent to the number of tiles you discarded.
  • While counting the scores, always keep an eye on the squares on the board that says Double Letter Score, Double Word Score, Triple Letter Score, Triple Word Score. If a player uses 7 tiles on a turn, it’s a Bingo– which gives players the luxury to add 50 bonus points to their score.


Be it a friends & family hangout or among your colleagues, Scrabble is a perfect platform to show off your vocabulary or improve. Not to limit it just as a game that you play occasionally, because playing it regularly will sharpen your intellect given the strategic nature of the game. This game is just a perfect blend of excitement, mystery, and strategy that is highly recommended for folks who have a great fondness for board games.…

The best-oversized houseplants to fill your home with

When it comes to the decoration of the house the best option to consider plants and there are many varieties of them and the bigger the better right? The bigger plant will get more attention and all look great in an open space of your home may be in the corner of a large hall you can put them in your room near the TV, and there are other benefits to have these plants other than just decoration. They help you all to keep the house fresh with great quality of air purification the air quality gets better and better.

So we got you some of the best plants you can get for your house that are big in size and looks great inside the house.

Norfolk Island Pine

The Norfolk Island pine is a really a look-alike pine tree version some people also use them as a Christmas tree they just look so much like the pine trees that it’s super good to have them in the house it can be super tall but when it’s inside the house it will only grow and reach a height of 2 and 3 matter max which is not big, But not small for a house plant and will look really great on your house decorating it, make sure that you put this in a place where it can get indirect sunlight and grow fast and stays green.


Yucca is a great and hardy plant can be grown as indoor or outdoor plant and it needs the contact of direct sunlight so make sure you keep that in the contact of sunlight where it will be good and grow better the plant Yucca don’t need much water and can survive several weeks without water and doesn’t need much care what it needs is just enough sunlight, it’s also a beautiful looking plant that will give your house a great look.


The philodendron is a plant that grows super great and have many other houseplants in his philodendron family, they are tall plants that looks great and beautiful to have with it great leave pattern of the plant the plants don’t need to be in direct sunlight place it in a place with indirect sunlight and then see this plant grows the plants don’t need much water and can survive days without it although make sure you don’t let the souls dry out completely, before you go and water it again.

Kentia palm

The most common indoor and the most easy to maintain plant when it comes to house plants kentia palm is super great to have in your house, you will see these plants in office and house mostly everywhere, the plant does not require much watering when it’s winter but in summer it may need a little more attention to keep the soil moist, and the plane grows super great in indirect sunlight.


It’s a really popular plant when it comes to house plants mostly because of the amazing patterns and different colors, this plant can get up to 10 feet tall and keep this plant near the window so it gets great sunlight and if you keep it in a cold place it will start losing the pattern on its leaves and won’t grow much so make sure you do not put this in a dark place like house corner where you get the least amount of sunlight.

Jade Plant

Another great indoor plant you can have jade plant the jade plant requires so less caring and understand the meaning of managing, the thing that makes this plant a Great house plant that you can keep it anywhere as it knows how to manage it don’t need much care and can adjust itself to any light conditions , so feel free to put it anywhere and whatever place you feel comfortable in the plant will fit there the plant can reach up to 10 feet tall and will make sure house look great.


One of my favorites are the palms, these are amazingly easy to get and take care of, they can grow well in indirect sunlight and don’t need much watering I love these plants near my sofa sets where I can enjoy my book reading, tv, and play games and also where the guest can also feel great seeing this amazing palms, the most common palms you will see in indoor are date palm, Washington palm, fan palm, and my favorite bamboo palm.…

Some Amazing Ways Banana Benefits Skin, Hair and Health


Banana is a fruit loved by most of us. Am I right? Many of us have at least one or two bananas in our breakfast as a diet. Dieting issues, right? But, do you know that banana also has some really good benefits rather than its taste? It is really helpful when it comes to our health and skin as well as hair.

Banana as a fruit boosts our energy and keeps a check on our weight; banana puree ensures good skin quality and amazing hair. Banana also prevents early aging of skin and also helps in getting silky smooth hair. We have heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but it will not be right to say that a banana a day can also help a lot! It is a rich source of Vitamin A, B and C and also Potassium, and has many health and beauty benefits.

Here are some amazing ways in which banana can really help the body, skin and the hair –

Benefits of banana for skin

1. Oil Control

One of the worst things that can reside in the skin is sebum. But banana is a great source which helps in sloughing off a huge amount of sebum from the skin, and the moisture and potassium in it helps in maintaining the skin texture.

2. Acne treatment

Bananas contain a lot of nutrients, but the peels are also rich sources of Vitamin A, magnesium and potassium. These are inflammatory and act as blemish to treat the acne on your face. You can treat your acne using microcurrent facial machines too.

3. Anti-ageing

Bananas are also a great solution to the ageing of the skin. The high levels of anti-oxidants in banana are really helpful in curing the ageing of skin naturally.

4. Skin moisturizer

Banana can prove to be a great skin moisturizer thanks to its potassium and moisturizing content. Banana can hydrate and moisturize the skin, thus returning the moisture and the glow your skin needs, and also heals dry and patchy skin.


Benefits of banana for hair

1. Dandruff

Banana has been a cure for various health issues since a long time. The fruit along with the peel, flowers and leaves work wonders against various problems. All help is done by the rich anti oxidant and anti bacterial properties in it.

One of the biggest issues solved by banana is dandruff. Dandruff has been a big problem that maximum people have. It is mainly caused by pathogens like fungus and bacteria, as well as dryness, itchiness and irritation. So, applying a mask of banana peel can help in moisturizing the hair and get rid off the pathogens from the scalp.

2. Shiny hair

We all now know that banana is a great source of nutrients like Vitamins, calcium, carbohydrates content and potassium, but it is also a store house of various natural oils. These natural oils can be great in getting smooth, silky as well as strong hair.


3. Hair growth

A big reason behind loose and weak hair in the scalps is the oxidants present in them. Since banana is a rich source of anti oxidants, applying banana on the scalp adds a second layer of defense system to our scalp and makes the hair follicles stronger, thus making the hair strong.

4. Frizzy-less hair

Collagen is a pigment that is produced by our body which makes our hair bouncy and soft. The silicon content in banana helps in increased production of collagen in the body and thus provides more softness to the hair.


Benefits of banana for body

1. Healthy heart

Most of us must have witnessed instances where sportspersons intake a banana after playing for a while. The best example is the sports day in our school. During the break, a banana is surely provided in the breakfast. The reason behind is the high potassium and magnesium content in banana. Studies show that a banana provides 9% of the total diet we should intake daily. It prevents cramps and exhaustion in sportspersons. And, another merit is that banana decreases the risk of heart diseases by an astonishing 7%. And, magnesium further contributes to the cause as well!

2. Weight loss and bowel disturbances

Bananas aid a lot in reducing the bowel disturbances in the body, thus preventing piles in the body. And, it is a great food source when it comes to weight loss. A banana can make you feel full of food, even if you have taken only a piece or two. It decreases the hunger pangs, and enhances the body metabolism which helps in maintaining the body weight. But the fact is that when one is on a diet, eating only bananas blindly will have no effect. Banana must be added to the overall diet for results.


3. Digestion

We have talked a lot about ripe bananas. But, the raw form of the fruit has miraculous health benefits too! Raw bananas are rich in two types of fibers, Pectin and Resistant starch. The amount of resistant starch decreases as a banana ripens. Why is this starch important? Because the resistant starch can travel through the digestive tract and reach the large intestine, where it helps the good bacteria present in the intestine.

4. Works against kidney stones

While banana is not recommended to people with chronic kidney diseases, it proves helpful for those with acute diseases like kidney stones. Kidney stones are mainly formed when excess of minerals like oxalates and calcium gets deposited in the kidney. People with kidney stones require a diet full of calcium and magnesium, and banana has all of them. A banana can help a kidney stone patient stay away from the painful symptoms and for normal people; it keeps them away from such diseases.


5. Eyes

You may not believe this but a banana is one of the best friends of the human eye. Our eye needs Vitamin A in ample amount, and a banana gives the required amount of this vitamin to the eye. Thus diseases like night blindness are kept away from the eye. Mashed bananas when applied on the eye lids prevent puffiness of the lids.…

How to completely restore your health and well being at any age

Staying healthy is important whether you are a kid and an old person when you get busy in life and forget to take care of your health and start to gain weight and have disease that was not that big of a problem before but soon they will be as you will not be able to take care of your health and won’t get good.

So that’s why being healthy is important as it will give you a fit mind, great body and better skin and super energy and probably a disease-free life.

Many people think that being healthy is an age thing, that after a certain age you will get unhealthy no matter what you do, so they stop worrying about their health and forget about it and eat everything that is harmful for their body and keep it up until they get a serious disease and the doctor said if you would have been healthy this would not have been happening to you, if you just would have paid attention to your health and what you eat it would not be happening to you.

Well, I hope that doesn’t happen to you and that’s why let’s see something that you can do to completely store your health at any age.


The best option for you to start working out, exercising and physical work and activity that will help your body to stay in shape get better mental health, less stress and a great body, and I will give you some of the things you can do.

Walking and jogging

The most basic and helpful thing you can do if you don’t have much stamina in you are not used to the workout, the first thing you need to forget used to it and make sure your overall body function properly.

Start with walking At Least 1km if you are fat and increase that distance Every day no matter if you increase just 100-meter main aim is to get used to the walking building stamina after a month get to jogging now build your stamina.

Going to the gym

This is the best option for people from 18 to 50 age as you still have power in your muscles especially you their young ones, go join a gym start building stamina if you are fat then focus more on full-body exercise and high-intensity workout that will make you lose fat fast while other can workout.

Doing yoga

If you are old, and can’t go to the gym I would still ask you to go walk At Least and if you don’t want to, try doing yoga That will help you with breathing and fix many problems regarding your disease and health.

Diet and eat healthy

By dieting I don’t mean get a gym diet I just mean get a balanced diet that will help you get all the nutrients that your body needs to make sure to take all the good fats and carbohydrates with enough amount of protein and if you can drink milk no matter what age you are it’s not just for kids everyone needs the benefits of milk.

Start worrying about what you eat to get rid of fast food and food from outside That should be a thing that you do once or twice in a month or on rare occasions, eating healthy food will get rid of your waste inside the body and make your system work properly you feel great and more energetic and saved from any disease.


Getting the proper amount of sleep is so necessary many of you just come from office and work and then go to sleep late and go to the office again early, or student that partying late at night and waking up late night watching playing games. That can cause many serious diseases and can lead to depression and anxiety.

So make sure you get enough sleep in your daily routine at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep in a day is necessary for a healthy body and relaxation of your mind.

Stay away from smoking and alcohol

Say no to smoking and alcohol, these will lead you towards an unhealthy body with having problems as cancer and will kill you very shortly and I know you live your life so make sure to understand the line between enjoyment and bad habit try avoiding these bad habits as much as you can, this will leave you with cancer and liver failure leading to a Painful experience that you are not ready for, so to have a healthy body and mind you need to make sure to stay away from this stuff.…

Clever organizers for storing your purses and handbags

Handbags and purses are really something that girls love to have and can never get bored with them.

It’s not their problem it the company, they keep making all these amazing new designer handbags and keep making them cooler and cooler with more amazing features and fabrics and girls just keep buying and buying but when you have so many bags what you will do to store them and how will you manage to protect those bags In way so it will last long won’t get damaged from dust and still look as new.

Well, we have some ideas that will make your day and let you know how to organize your ideal handbag storage space and protect your bag from dust and everything.

Clear out the items from your bag

When you have so many bags the first thing you want to do is that tale all of them out and clear out Every item in the bags, make sure you take a look at every pocket clearing out your all the items that you put in your bag and once you are done doing that close all the pockets and keep them aside for now.

Categorized every bag

Once you are done clearing out the bag, categories them into order of what you need in every day and what you want in your daily life, what bags you will need occasionally like when you go to parties, make sure to separate the bag with long strap from the short strap bag and then take your purses and keep them away for now.

Once you are done categorizing all the bags and purses you are now good for the next step.

Fill the bags with newspaper

take lots of newspapers and make them into balls and start filling them into bags so it gains the original shape and after you done with all the bags and purses you need to take the long strap bag and take their strap and fill inside the bag itself so it won’t stand out much and once you are done doing that you can close the bag and keep it aside.

Get dustproof bag

once you get all bags close and good first you need to take a silk cloth or a wet wipe I would prefer and clean the bag for any possible dust that it might have and when you done doing that what you need to do is take a dust proof bag you can find them easily on Amazon and then put those handbags and purses inside those bags, and place them back in the categories organized place, and make sure not to pack the ones that you will need to regularly.

Get hooks or hangers

Buy some hook or hangers, if you already have them then great use them, so what you need to do is get those bags in the hanger that you don’t want to use regularly or just use occasionally and hang them don’t worry we packed them in the dustproof bag they come with the strap too so your handbag is still good, and you can hang them without any worries.

Make sure don’t forget the organize your handbags and hang them just like your categories.

Get a cabinet or a case

get a cabinet or a case where you will put your purses and bags you will need, now this is really a great and important step as it will also be the showcase of your collection and will make you feel good whenever you go and see it.

Many people just get a regular showcase or a cabinet not thinking about how it will look but what you might want to do is get a bigger and great cabinet with bulb or LED holder if you can and if it has a glass protection that would be awesome, that’s what I did and it’s up to you how will you get it you can either go buy it from many online stores or get yours personally from the hardware store on your order demand.

I would prefer the older one from hardware as you can customize it as you want and there’s no pressure at all. The price may be cheaper than the online or can be higher depending on what you are trying to get, but I will say be creative.

Arrange your purse in your cabinet

now that you have bought your cabinet put it in your dressing room or your room where you want to place it and start decorating it remember that I told you not to pack the ones that you will use daily or frequently.

Now it’s time to showcase your purses and bags, for another time clean them with a wet wipe and place them according to your wish.…