The best-oversized houseplants to fill your home with

When it comes to the decoration of the house the best option to consider plants and there are many varieties of them and the bigger the better right? The bigger plant will get more attention and all look great in an open space of your home may be in the corner of a large hall you can put them in your room near the TV, and there are other benefits to have these plants other than just decoration. They help you all to keep the house fresh with great quality of air purification the air quality gets better and better.

So we got you some of the best plants you can get for your house that are big in size and looks great inside the house.

Norfolk Island Pine

The Norfolk Island pine is a really a look-alike pine tree version some people also use them as a Christmas tree they just look so much like the pine trees that it’s super good to have them in the house it can be super tall but when it’s inside the house it will only grow and reach a height of 2 and 3 matter max which is not big, But not small for a house plant and will look really great on your house decorating it, make sure that you put this in a place where it can get indirect sunlight and grow fast and stays green.


Yucca is a great and hardy plant can be grown as indoor or outdoor plant and it needs the contact of direct sunlight so make sure you keep that in the contact of sunlight where it will be good and grow better the plant Yucca don’t need much water and can survive several weeks without water and doesn’t need much care what it needs is just enough sunlight, it’s also a beautiful looking plant that will give your house a great look.


The philodendron is a plant that grows super great and have many other houseplants in his philodendron family, they are tall plants that looks great and beautiful to have with it great leave pattern of the plant the plants don’t need to be in direct sunlight place it in a place with indirect sunlight and then see this plant grows the plants don’t need much water and can survive days without it although make sure you don’t let the souls dry out completely, before you go and water it again.

Kentia palm

The most common indoor and the most easy to maintain plant when it comes to house plants kentia palm is super great to have in your house, you will see these plants in office and house mostly everywhere, the plant does not require much watering when it’s winter but in summer it may need a little more attention to keep the soil moist, and the plane grows super great in indirect sunlight.


It’s a really popular plant when it comes to house plants mostly because of the amazing patterns and different colors, this plant can get up to 10 feet tall and keep this plant near the window so it gets great sunlight and if you keep it in a cold place it will start losing the pattern on its leaves and won’t grow much so make sure you do not put this in a dark place like house corner where you get the least amount of sunlight.

Jade Plant

Another great indoor plant you can have jade plant the jade plant requires so less caring and understand the meaning of managing, the thing that makes this plant a Great house plant that you can keep it anywhere as it knows how to manage it don’t need much care and can adjust itself to any light conditions , so feel free to put it anywhere and whatever place you feel comfortable in the plant will fit there the plant can reach up to 10 feet tall and will make sure house look great.


One of my favorites are the palms, these are amazingly easy to get and take care of, they can grow well in indirect sunlight and don’t need much watering I love these plants near my sofa sets where I can enjoy my book reading, tv, and play games and also where the guest can also feel great seeing this amazing palms, the most common palms you will see in indoor are date palm, Washington palm, fan palm, and my favorite bamboo palm.…

Some Amazing Ways Banana Benefits Skin, Hair and Health


Banana is a fruit loved by most of us. Am I right? Many of us have at least one or two bananas in our breakfast as a diet. Dieting issues, right? But, do you know that banana also has some really good benefits rather than its taste? It is really helpful when it comes to our health and skin as well as hair.

Banana as a fruit boosts our energy and keeps a check on our weight; banana puree ensures good skin quality and amazing hair. Banana also prevents early aging of skin and also helps in getting silky smooth hair. We have heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but it will not be right to say that a banana a day can also help a lot! It is a rich source of Vitamin A, B and C and also Potassium, and has many health and beauty benefits.

Here are some amazing ways in which banana can really help the body, skin and the hair –

Benefits of banana for skin

1. Oil Control

One of the worst things that can reside in the skin is sebum. But banana is a great source which helps in sloughing off a huge amount of sebum from the skin, and the moisture and potassium in it helps in maintaining the skin texture.

2. Acne treatment

Bananas contain a lot of nutrients, but the peels are also rich sources of Vitamin A, magnesium and potassium. These are inflammatory and act as blemish to treat the acne on your face. You can treat your acne using microcurrent facial machines too.

3. Anti-ageing

Bananas are also a great solution to the ageing of the skin. The high levels of anti-oxidants in banana are really helpful in curing the ageing of skin naturally.

4. Skin moisturizer

Banana can prove to be a great skin moisturizer thanks to its potassium and moisturizing content. Banana can hydrate and moisturize the skin, thus returning the moisture and the glow your skin needs, and also heals dry and patchy skin.


Benefits of banana for hair

1. Dandruff

Banana has been a cure for various health issues since a long time. The fruit along with the peel, flowers and leaves work wonders against various problems. All help is done by the rich anti oxidant and anti bacterial properties in it.

One of the biggest issues solved by banana is dandruff. Dandruff has been a big problem that maximum people have. It is mainly caused by pathogens like fungus and bacteria, as well as dryness, itchiness and irritation. So, applying a mask of banana peel can help in moisturizing the hair and get rid off the pathogens from the scalp.

2. Shiny hair

We all now know that banana is a great source of nutrients like Vitamins, calcium, carbohydrates content and potassium, but it is also a store house of various natural oils. These natural oils can be great in getting smooth, silky as well as strong hair.


3. Hair growth

A big reason behind loose and weak hair in the scalps is the oxidants present in them. Since banana is a rich source of anti oxidants, applying banana on the scalp adds a second layer of defense system to our scalp and makes the hair follicles stronger, thus making the hair strong.

4. Frizzy-less hair

Collagen is a pigment that is produced by our body which makes our hair bouncy and soft. The silicon content in banana helps in increased production of collagen in the body and thus provides more softness to the hair.


Benefits of banana for body

1. Healthy heart

Most of us must have witnessed instances where sportspersons intake a banana after playing for a while. The best example is the sports day in our school. During the break, a banana is surely provided in the breakfast. The reason behind is the high potassium and magnesium content in banana. Studies show that a banana provides 9% of the total diet we should intake daily. It prevents cramps and exhaustion in sportspersons. And, another merit is that banana decreases the risk of heart diseases by an astonishing 7%. And, magnesium further contributes to the cause as well!

2. Weight loss and bowel disturbances

Bananas aid a lot in reducing the bowel disturbances in the body, thus preventing piles in the body. And, it is a great food source when it comes to weight loss. A banana can make you feel full of food, even if you have taken only a piece or two. It decreases the hunger pangs, and enhances the body metabolism which helps in maintaining the body weight. But the fact is that when one is on a diet, eating only bananas blindly will have no effect. Banana must be added to the overall diet for results.


3. Digestion

We have talked a lot about ripe bananas. But, the raw form of the fruit has miraculous health benefits too! Raw bananas are rich in two types of fibers, Pectin and Resistant starch. The amount of resistant starch decreases as a banana ripens. Why is this starch important? Because the resistant starch can travel through the digestive tract and reach the large intestine, where it helps the good bacteria present in the intestine.

4. Works against kidney stones

While banana is not recommended to people with chronic kidney diseases, it proves helpful for those with acute diseases like kidney stones. Kidney stones are mainly formed when excess of minerals like oxalates and calcium gets deposited in the kidney. People with kidney stones require a diet full of calcium and magnesium, and banana has all of them. A banana can help a kidney stone patient stay away from the painful symptoms and for normal people; it keeps them away from such diseases.


5. Eyes

You may not believe this but a banana is one of the best friends of the human eye. Our eye needs Vitamin A in ample amount, and a banana gives the required amount of this vitamin to the eye. Thus diseases like night blindness are kept away from the eye. Mashed bananas when applied on the eye lids prevent puffiness of the lids.…

How to completely restore your health and well being at any age

Staying healthy is important whether you are a kid and an old person when you get busy in life and forget to take care of your health and start to gain weight and have disease that was not that big of a problem before but soon they will be as you will not be able to take care of your health and won’t get good.

So that’s why being healthy is important as it will give you a fit mind, great body and better skin and super energy and probably a disease-free life.

Many people think that being healthy is an age thing, that after a certain age you will get unhealthy no matter what you do, so they stop worrying about their health and forget about it and eat everything that is harmful for their body and keep it up until they get a serious disease and the doctor said if you would have been healthy this would not have been happening to you, if you just would have paid attention to your health and what you eat it would not be happening to you.

Well, I hope that doesn’t happen to you and that’s why let’s see something that you can do to completely store your health at any age.


The best option for you to start working out, exercising and physical work and activity that will help your body to stay in shape get better mental health, less stress and a great body, and I will give you some of the things you can do.

Walking and jogging

The most basic and helpful thing you can do if you don’t have much stamina in you are not used to the workout, the first thing you need to forget used to it and make sure your overall body function properly.

Start with walking At Least 1km if you are fat and increase that distance Every day no matter if you increase just 100-meter main aim is to get used to the walking building stamina after a month get to jogging now build your stamina.

Going to the gym

This is the best option for people from 18 to 50 age as you still have power in your muscles especially you their young ones, go join a gym start building stamina if you are fat then focus more on full-body exercise and high-intensity workout that will make you lose fat fast while other can workout.

Doing yoga

If you are old, and can’t go to the gym I would still ask you to go walk At Least and if you don’t want to, try doing yoga That will help you with breathing and fix many problems regarding your disease and health.

Diet and eat healthy

By dieting I don’t mean get a gym diet I just mean get a balanced diet that will help you get all the nutrients that your body needs to make sure to take all the good fats and carbohydrates with enough amount of protein and if you can drink milk no matter what age you are it’s not just for kids everyone needs the benefits of milk.

Start worrying about what you eat to get rid of fast food and food from outside That should be a thing that you do once or twice in a month or on rare occasions, eating healthy food will get rid of your waste inside the body and make your system work properly you feel great and more energetic and saved from any disease.


Getting the proper amount of sleep is so necessary many of you just come from office and work and then go to sleep late and go to the office again early, or student that partying late at night and waking up late night watching playing games. That can cause many serious diseases and can lead to depression and anxiety.

So make sure you get enough sleep in your daily routine at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep in a day is necessary for a healthy body and relaxation of your mind.

Stay away from smoking and alcohol

Say no to smoking and alcohol, these will lead you towards an unhealthy body with having problems as cancer and will kill you very shortly and I know you live your life so make sure to understand the line between enjoyment and bad habit try avoiding these bad habits as much as you can, this will leave you with cancer and liver failure leading to a Painful experience that you are not ready for, so to have a healthy body and mind you need to make sure to stay away from this stuff.…

Clever organizers for storing your purses and handbags

Handbags and purses are really something that girls love to have and can never get bored with them.

It’s not their problem it the company, they keep making all these amazing new designer handbags and keep making them cooler and cooler with more amazing features and fabrics and girls just keep buying and buying but when you have so many bags what you will do to store them and how will you manage to protect those bags In way so it will last long won’t get damaged from dust and still look as new.

Well, we have some ideas that will make your day and let you know how to organize your ideal handbag storage space and protect your bag from dust and everything.

Clear out the items from your bag

When you have so many bags the first thing you want to do is that tale all of them out and clear out Every item in the bags, make sure you take a look at every pocket clearing out your all the items that you put in your bag and once you are done doing that close all the pockets and keep them aside for now.

Categorized every bag

Once you are done clearing out the bag, categories them into order of what you need in every day and what you want in your daily life, what bags you will need occasionally like when you go to parties, make sure to separate the bag with long strap from the short strap bag and then take your purses and keep them away for now.

Once you are done categorizing all the bags and purses you are now good for the next step.

Fill the bags with newspaper

take lots of newspapers and make them into balls and start filling them into bags so it gains the original shape and after you done with all the bags and purses you need to take the long strap bag and take their strap and fill inside the bag itself so it won’t stand out much and once you are done doing that you can close the bag and keep it aside.

Get dustproof bag

once you get all bags close and good first you need to take a silk cloth or a wet wipe I would prefer and clean the bag for any possible dust that it might have and when you done doing that what you need to do is take a dust proof bag you can find them easily on Amazon and then put those handbags and purses inside those bags, and place them back in the categories organized place, and make sure not to pack the ones that you will need to regularly.

Get hooks or hangers

Buy some hook or hangers, if you already have them then great use them, so what you need to do is get those bags in the hanger that you don’t want to use regularly or just use occasionally and hang them don’t worry we packed them in the dustproof bag they come with the strap too so your handbag is still good, and you can hang them without any worries.

Make sure don’t forget the organize your handbags and hang them just like your categories.

Get a cabinet or a case

get a cabinet or a case where you will put your purses and bags you will need, now this is really a great and important step as it will also be the showcase of your collection and will make you feel good whenever you go and see it.

Many people just get a regular showcase or a cabinet not thinking about how it will look but what you might want to do is get a bigger and great cabinet with bulb or LED holder if you can and if it has a glass protection that would be awesome, that’s what I did and it’s up to you how will you get it you can either go buy it from many online stores or get yours personally from the hardware store on your order demand.

I would prefer the older one from hardware as you can customize it as you want and there’s no pressure at all. The price may be cheaper than the online or can be higher depending on what you are trying to get, but I will say be creative.

Arrange your purse in your cabinet

now that you have bought your cabinet put it in your dressing room or your room where you want to place it and start decorating it remember that I told you not to pack the ones that you will use daily or frequently.

Now it’s time to showcase your purses and bags, for another time clean them with a wet wipe and place them according to your wish.…