10 Facts About the Hindi Language

Hindi is famous for its rich texture and pronunciation. The Hindi language is also spoken in various other countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom because they are mostly from India. English as a language, some words inspired by Hindi as well. Some word. The jungle is a word that is inspired by Hindi. Karma and avatar are also the words that are inspired by the Hindi language.

Hindi is also a famous language in the technical world. Hindi is a language that can be used to make a web address. There are only seven types of languages that we use to make a web address, and Hindi is one of them. Hindi language is the Dravidian language and has various belongings to Arabic and Sanskrit. Hindi is a name that has been derived from the Persian word for land of the Indus river. Learn typing in hindi using english to hindi typing.

Facts About the Hindi Language

· Hindi is also a famous language and is under the UNESCO, and there is a special day celebrated as Hindi Day.

· Hindi is also one of India’s oldest languages, and various cities are adopted in place of Urdu or Sanskrit. Bihar is one of the first states in India that adopted Hindi as its national language.

· Hindi is a language that has been used for years and is now a national language of India. Hindi is the official language of India, and according to UNESCO, it is a rich language. The Hindi language is a national language since 1965.

· The Hindi language is also one of the most spoken languages in India and the world. Hindi has more than 500 million speakers. The Hindi language is the most spoken language in other countries as well because of immigrants.

· Hindi is also one of the unique languages because each word in Hindi sounds different and has a different vocabulary. Hindi is a language where comments can be meanings.

· Hindi cinema or Bollywood is also one of the most net worth film industries in the world. Most of the films in Bollywood have the Hindi language because of the diversity and its viewers.

· Gita is a spiritual book that has a Hindi scripted form.

· Hindi is a language that has inspired various other languages such as Persian and English. Hindi is also a language that has a close relationship with the Arabic language.

· The Hindi language has similar properties to the Sanskrit language, which is known to be the oldest in the world. Hindi is a more straightforward form of Sanskrit, and it has words that correlate around its vocabulary and some pronunciations.

· Hindi and Arabic are two languages that have similarities around each other. Urdu is also a part of the Hindi language that has some textured words inspired by Hindi.…

What is Scrabble Game and How to Play It

You can define Scrabble merely as a board game of wordplay, where you use letter tiles to form various words. But it isn’t as simple as that description lets on, which is why it’s thoroughly engaging. Besides being an excellent way to spend your free time, this a game that demands strategy, proper timing, smart guessing, undivided attention, all this without compromising the fun factor.

In this day and age of online gaming, one will ask why Scarable when tons of other options are available? Well, besides providing entertainment and fruitful interactive experience, it will improve your vocabulary immensely. So let’s check out in detail how to play this game.

Scrabble—The Basics

Scrabble word finder is what you call a “word game” that is played with lettered tiles and has 2 to 4 participants. To come out top, each player must try to make maximum points by forming words on a board using small square tiles. The game comes to a conclusion when a player uses all his tiles, or there are no more tiles left to draw. All players must agree on using a dictionary to verify legitimacy in case someone makes a word that another player believes is invalid.

Materials Required:

  • 15×15 Scrabble board.
  • The standard set of 100 tiles placed in an opaque bag.
  • One rack per player.
  • Paper & Pen to keep a check on scores.

Rules and Gameplay Methods:

  • Take all the tiles, put them all in the bag, and shake them. This will ensure that the tiles are distributed pretty evenly.
  • To determine who goes first, each of the players must draw one tile randomly from the bag and place it on the table. Look for the tile that is closest to the letter “A” because the owner of that tile gets the opportunity to play first. If any player gets a blank tile, that player can also start the game.
  • The next step is to draw tiles for the actual gameplay. Shake the bag of tiles, and the person who got the chance to go first must take seven tiles. After that, the remaining players must take out seven tiles; players must do this without showing what tile they have to their opponents.
  • There are two blank tiles in the bag that can be used as any letters. When a player draws a blank tile, they must assign it a letter of their choice, and it will be that letter for the rest of the game.
  • The first word is played by the person who chose the letter nearest to “A.” This player must make sure that the word he/she makes consists of at least two letters, and must be formed over the star square on the center of the board. Another thing to be noted is that the word can be laid out in a vertical or horizontal fashion, but never diagonally.

  • The player who makes the first word gets the advantage of scoring double of their current score because the star at the centre counts as a Premium Square allowing, a double word bonus. I.e., if the total value of your first word is 7–which you get by counting the number on your letter tile you used to make the word– it will be 14 due to Premium Square. Imagine you placed a tile over a square that says “Double Letter,” then you can double the value of that letter tile only.
  • After each turn, you have to draw as many new tiles you have used up. For instance, if you used three of your tiles to form a word during your chance, then you must draw three new tiles at the end of your turn and keep them on your rack.
  • You can extend already existing words(and score points) that your opponents have played on the board. But in a way that will form legitimate words. For e.g., if PLAY is used, you can repurpose it by adding (RE)PLAY or PLAY(ER).
  • Another way you can score a bunch of points is by playing parallel to already present words.
  • There is an option to challenge your opponents if he or she has played a word that is seemingly nonexistent or misspelled. After one gives the challenge, they must look up the word in the dictionary–which was agreed upon before the beginning of the game.
  • If the word happens to be in the dictionary and is correctly spelled on the board, then the point will remain with your opponent, and you will lose your turn. Likewise, if the word is not in the dictionary, then it must be removed from the board, and the player will lose their points and turn.
  • You have the option to exchange the tiles you don’t want. To do that, you have to put the tiles in your hand back to the bag, then shuffle the bag and take a new set of tiles that are equivalent to the number of tiles you discarded.
  • While counting the scores, always keep an eye on the squares on the board that says Double Letter Score, Double Word Score, Triple Letter Score, Triple Word Score. If a player uses 7 tiles on a turn, it’s a Bingo– which gives players the luxury to add 50 bonus points to their score.


Be it a friends & family hangout or among your colleagues, Scrabble is a perfect platform to show off your vocabulary or improve. Not to limit it just as a game that you play occasionally, because playing it regularly will sharpen your intellect given the strategic nature of the game. This game is just a perfect blend of excitement, mystery, and strategy that is highly recommended for folks who have a great fondness for board games.…

The best book to read this month

There are many writers that keep publishing their books every month you will see many books and in many genres like horror, thriller, romance, mystery, life of slice, sci-fi and etc. That has gotten a release and if you love to read books then you know the feeling that you get when you finally read a great book it can make your whole month better right? Whether you like a thriller or to some great literary gems we will tell some of the great books and the best books to read this month that will make you feel satisfied with them and they will be worth every penny that you going to spend on them.

Olive, Again by Elizabeth Strout

The writer Elizabeth Scott brings her another great book, carrying the life of olive Kitteridge, from her last book in that was released in 2008, this book is similar to the previous one and also explained it to the short stories types, the book is based on the life of olive after her 17 to her 80, so if you looking for a great life-based story this one you should consider reading.

Grandmothers by Salley Vickers

Salley Vickers the award-winning writer, came with this grandmothers book based on the lives of 3 women and their relationship with the new generation the younger generation, the story revolves around the point where all 3 of them realise and discovering that past is always with us and we go on learning and trying to change until the very end, the book is on right now going crazy, the people are waiting for it so furiously and I’m pretty sure you will too if you are a book reader, so I would recommend trying to add this on reading list.

The Starless Sea by Erin Mogenstern

The starless sea is another great option for you to consider the book revolve around the story of a graduate student living in Vermont named Zachary Ezra Rawlins, when he discovered a book hidden in the stacks and get amazed and surprised when he read the book in the book he found many stories of key collectors, lovelorn prisoner’s and then he read a story of his childhood and being surprised and shocked how that story came to record he started investigating the clues inside the book that took him to a party in New York, to a street club, and through a doorway to a library that was very ancient and it was far below the surface, now I’m gonna stop here and let you read the book without killing any more of your excitement.

The Tenth Muse by Catherine Chung

Catherine Chung offers a great book that is beautiful sweeping tale of legacy, identity and how we can be set free by our mind, the story of the tenth muse is about a girl named Katherine who knew that she was different and her parents are different from what they seem to be, and in passion of becoming a mathematician she must conquer some questions like who is she? What is the cost of ambition? and what is the cost of Love? And she negotiates the maths to get the answers to those questions that she had and wanted to be free not someone sideline and she refuses to stay silent, so if you are interested now which I know you are then you should consider this one giving a go.

Oligarchy by Scarlett Thomas

This one is a really great and awesome story, firstly the author Scarlett Thomas did a really great work on this book and if you would have been reading her books for a long time you will see the Scarlett Thomas writing and what you would have expected from her, the story revolves around a girl Natasha that has been sent to an all-girls boarding school and when she gets there she experiences a whole nother world that is not very good and she deals with problems like pecking order, eating disorder and Instagram angst, and then after a few time her friend Bianca suddenly went missing and then the life in the school get darker, send the goosebumps right? So I would really recommend you reading this one.…