Some Amazing Ways Banana Benefits Skin, Hair and Health


Banana is a fruit loved by most of us. Am I right? Many of us have at least one or two bananas in our breakfast as a diet. Dieting issues, right? But, do you know that banana also has some really good benefits rather than its taste? It is really helpful when it comes to our health and skin as well as hair.

Banana as a fruit boosts our energy and keeps a check on our weight; banana puree ensures good skin quality and amazing hair. Banana also prevents early aging of skin and also helps in getting silky smooth hair. We have heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but it will not be right to say that a banana a day can also help a lot! It is a rich source of Vitamin A, B and C and also Potassium, and has many health and beauty benefits.

Here are some amazing ways in which banana can really help the body, skin and the hair –

Benefits of banana for skin

1. Oil Control

One of the worst things that can reside in the skin is sebum. But banana is a great source which helps in sloughing off a huge amount of sebum from the skin, and the moisture and potassium in it helps in maintaining the skin texture.

2. Acne treatment

Bananas contain a lot of nutrients, but the peels are also rich sources of Vitamin A, magnesium and potassium. These are inflammatory and act as blemish to treat the acne on your face. You can treat your acne using microcurrent facial machines too.

3. Anti-ageing

Bananas are also a great solution to the ageing of the skin. The high levels of anti-oxidants in banana are really helpful in curing the ageing of skin naturally.

4. Skin moisturizer

Banana can prove to be a great skin moisturizer thanks to its potassium and moisturizing content. Banana can hydrate and moisturize the skin, thus returning the moisture and the glow your skin needs, and also heals dry and patchy skin.


Benefits of banana for hair

1. Dandruff

Banana has been a cure for various health issues since a long time. The fruit along with the peel, flowers and leaves work wonders against various problems. All help is done by the rich anti oxidant and anti bacterial properties in it.

One of the biggest issues solved by banana is dandruff. Dandruff has been a big problem that maximum people have. It is mainly caused by pathogens like fungus and bacteria, as well as dryness, itchiness and irritation. So, applying a mask of banana peel can help in moisturizing the hair and get rid off the pathogens from the scalp.

2. Shiny hair

We all now know that banana is a great source of nutrients like Vitamins, calcium, carbohydrates content and potassium, but it is also a store house of various natural oils. These natural oils can be great in getting smooth, silky as well as strong hair.


3. Hair growth

A big reason behind loose and weak hair in the scalps is the oxidants present in them. Since banana is a rich source of anti oxidants, applying banana on the scalp adds a second layer of defense system to our scalp and makes the hair follicles stronger, thus making the hair strong.

4. Frizzy-less hair

Collagen is a pigment that is produced by our body which makes our hair bouncy and soft. The silicon content in banana helps in increased production of collagen in the body and thus provides more softness to the hair.


Benefits of banana for body

1. Healthy heart

Most of us must have witnessed instances where sportspersons intake a banana after playing for a while. The best example is the sports day in our school. During the break, a banana is surely provided in the breakfast. The reason behind is the high potassium and magnesium content in banana. Studies show that a banana provides 9% of the total diet we should intake daily. It prevents cramps and exhaustion in sportspersons. And, another merit is that banana decreases the risk of heart diseases by an astonishing 7%. And, magnesium further contributes to the cause as well!

2. Weight loss and bowel disturbances

Bananas aid a lot in reducing the bowel disturbances in the body, thus preventing piles in the body. And, it is a great food source when it comes to weight loss. A banana can make you feel full of food, even if you have taken only a piece or two. It decreases the hunger pangs, and enhances the body metabolism which helps in maintaining the body weight. But the fact is that when one is on a diet, eating only bananas blindly will have no effect. Banana must be added to the overall diet for results.


3. Digestion

We have talked a lot about ripe bananas. But, the raw form of the fruit has miraculous health benefits too! Raw bananas are rich in two types of fibers, Pectin and Resistant starch. The amount of resistant starch decreases as a banana ripens. Why is this starch important? Because the resistant starch can travel through the digestive tract and reach the large intestine, where it helps the good bacteria present in the intestine.

4. Works against kidney stones

While banana is not recommended to people with chronic kidney diseases, it proves helpful for those with acute diseases like kidney stones. Kidney stones are mainly formed when excess of minerals like oxalates and calcium gets deposited in the kidney. People with kidney stones require a diet full of calcium and magnesium, and banana has all of them. A banana can help a kidney stone patient stay away from the painful symptoms and for normal people; it keeps them away from such diseases.


5. Eyes

You may not believe this but a banana is one of the best friends of the human eye. Our eye needs Vitamin A in ample amount, and a banana gives the required amount of this vitamin to the eye. Thus diseases like night blindness are kept away from the eye. Mashed bananas when applied on the eye lids prevent puffiness of the lids.…