Clever organizers for storing your purses and handbags

Handbags and purses are really something that girls love to have and can never get bored with them.

It’s not their problem it the company, they keep making all these amazing new designer handbags and keep making them cooler and cooler with more amazing features and fabrics and girls just keep buying and buying but when you have so many bags what you will do to store them and how will you manage to protect those bags In way so it will last long won’t get damaged from dust and still look as new.

Well, we have some ideas that will make your day and let you know how to organize your ideal handbag storage space and protect your bag from dust and everything.

Clear out the items from your bag

When you have so many bags the first thing you want to do is that tale all of them out and clear out Every item in the bags, make sure you take a look at every pocket clearing out your all the items that you put in your bag and once you are done doing that close all the pockets and keep them aside for now.

Categorized every bag

Once you are done clearing out the bag, categories them into order of what you need in every day and what you want in your daily life, what bags you will need occasionally like when you go to parties, make sure to separate the bag with long strap from the short strap bag and then take your purses and keep them away for now.

Once you are done categorizing all the bags and purses you are now good for the next step.

Fill the bags with newspaper

take lots of newspapers and make them into balls and start filling them into bags so it gains the original shape and after you done with all the bags and purses you need to take the long strap bag and take their strap and fill inside the bag itself so it won’t stand out much and once you are done doing that you can close the bag and keep it aside.

Get dustproof bag

once you get all bags close and good first you need to take a silk cloth or a wet wipe I would prefer and clean the bag for any possible dust that it might have and when you done doing that what you need to do is take a dust proof bag you can find them easily on Amazon and then put those handbags and purses inside those bags, and place them back in the categories organized place, and make sure not to pack the ones that you will need to regularly.

Get hooks or hangers

Buy some hook or hangers, if you already have them then great use them, so what you need to do is get those bags in the hanger that you don’t want to use regularly or just use occasionally and hang them don’t worry we packed them in the dustproof bag they come with the strap too so your handbag is still good, and you can hang them without any worries.

Make sure don’t forget the organize your handbags and hang them just like your categories.

Get a cabinet or a case

get a cabinet or a case where you will put your purses and bags you will need, now this is really a great and important step as it will also be the showcase of your collection and will make you feel good whenever you go and see it.

Many people just get a regular showcase or a cabinet not thinking about how it will look but what you might want to do is get a bigger and great cabinet with bulb or LED holder if you can and if it has a glass protection that would be awesome, that’s what I did and it’s up to you how will you get it you can either go buy it from many online stores or get yours personally from the hardware store on your order demand.

I would prefer the older one from hardware as you can customize it as you want and there’s no pressure at all. The price may be cheaper than the online or can be higher depending on what you are trying to get, but I will say be creative.

Arrange your purse in your cabinet

now that you have bought your cabinet put it in your dressing room or your room where you want to place it and start decorating it remember that I told you not to pack the ones that you will use daily or frequently.

Now it’s time to showcase your purses and bags, for another time clean them with a wet wipe and place them according to your wish.


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