How to Choose Best Wire cable for home

Electric wires are essential things in a house that help us stay connected to electricity and appliances we use on daily terms. There is various kind of electrical wires available in a household depending upon the need and uses. Cooper wires are cheaper because of the availability of copper as a mineral.

Electric wires have color-coded components on the outer surface of the wire, which helps us separate the kind of wire. Electrical wires get hot while working, and these coatings help them stay cool on the outer side. If you are willing to buy a new kind of cable, then you might consider a high-quality fire because they keep us safe, and a low-quality wire can cause sudden voltage breaks or even cause you harm.

These wires can power around 100 amp. There are various kinds of color codings, such as black wire and red wire, which means that the red wire is suitable for conductivity. Wires are customizable and can be customized easily by cutting and remove the excessive rubber portion over them. There are various kinds of cables, such as strong and durable wires, which also come with a steel curated option, which means you cannot cut through them.


HPL is one of the largest brands dealing with conductive wires, and they have been in the market for a while. Most households and buildings are built with HPL because they are durable and have less price than others in the same price range. These wires come with a fire-resistant coating, which means even if they have any shock inside or outside the wire, they won’t burn. Yet another one of the best wire cable companies.

These also came with an IS/ISI/RHO certification and can be used for commercial purposes. These are government-approved wires, and they also have PVC and copper as their material. These wires are cheap, durable, and have the fire-resistant feature that makes them one of the best wires you can get under an affordable price range.

Havells wires

Havells is a brand dealing with electrical appliances for a while. They are famous for what they do. These wires from Havells are red-coated wire that has higher-grade quality materials and built quality. These wires are the best conductive wires you can get, and they come with a leakage current of 0. 010 amps.

These wires have higher insulation resistance and can work with the untrusted electrical supply. There are various color coatings that you can get, and they have around 90 meters of wire length, which is suitable for a household. These wires originated in India and come with anti-termite and anti rodent support, which means that termite and rodents won’t break-in. These wires are also coming with ROHS. Havells is one of the best ways you can get for your household, and they have an affordable price.


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