Most racist countries in the world

When we talk about racism and discrimination you can that it’s almost all over the world, no country in this world is totally racism-free.

What is racism?

Racism is basically judging people by their race, caste and color thinking that they are better than them and have higher standards just because they were born in a better race or with fairer color they are better than them.

Is it so bad?

Now that you have asked that it is very bad, imagine a whole race of people In a country going against you wherever you go are considered as small, poor, thief and many more names.

Can it kill someone?

Yes, there’s been many Incident when people have killed people, made them slaves and all of that just because of their race and cast.

Back in the old time’s people used to kill some people and beat them till they die in public without worrying about any law.

The most racists countries in this world


America is the most racist country and the country that’s the most on TV because of the racism that goes into their country.

There was a huge history as you all know that back people used to be slaves and treated nothing more than just some low life’s.

And they were publicly auctioned in many places like some things and never has the right to have anything for them or a better life because of their race and color.

Americans were never good to other brown people too, they had a lot of conspiracies against the Indians that they should not get jobs and stay in their countries many were treated, bullied and thrown out from white people group.

But the black people were the ones who were getting the most racism and they are still the ones who are judged by their color in America.


China does have their racism in their own way, in China, there are Han Chinese race which is almost 92% of the population and the rest 8% are other ethnic minorities.

It all started when the Chinese government in the 80’s offered the Foreigner or the African people scholarship, which made the Chinese citizens super mad and furious and they started Anti-African protest all over china.

They tried different methods like removing the black people pics in the movie posters, to show their stand against African people.


Argentina is using racism on another level as they call the Negro which is a Spanish word for black people they used it as black people, poor people, and labors yes talk about getting the racism into whole another level.

They literally mixed race with their class and started judging them by that and yes, it is the reason why black people get mad when you call them nigga or Negro.

And it’s not just their people their president the leader of their country Cristina Fernández en 2015 met the Chinese investors for some official stuff and later on, she tweeted a racist tweet making fun of the Chinese accent and the way Chinese investors said some words.


The country that doesn’t let you have dual citizenship is pretty much a very racist country.

There was a time when Japanese people placed a huge banner in their soccer stadium that said Japanese only!.

Talk about being racists on the national television they didn’t respect anyone who was half Japanese or not Japanese.

The racism went into another level when in 2015 Ariana Miyamoto became the first half-black Japanese girl to win and given the title of Miss Japan, people criticized this a lot Saying only pure Japanese have the right to represent our country.


Australia in time treated people just like the Britishers like others are not humans and just some kind of slaves and dogs and don’t have the right to stand in the same spot as they do.

They killed people of other races and made them so labor and slaver forcefully until 1975 when they passed the nondiscrimination act, but that doesn’t solve the problem.

Australia has a huge grudge against the Asians student population in their countries,

They bully them to beat them and many times Indians have been killed or beaten to death and that gotten the term of ‘curry bashing’ as the Indians are known for spices and curry.

It has gotten so out of hand that the Indian government sent an advisory team in 2010 to Melbourne to check for the Indian people going and living there.…

3 Tips To Manage Stress During Work

When we talk about stress and is no stranger to the people who work according to studies people who work in an office have stress and it keeps escalating and the number of people keeps increasing.

The reason why this happens? Well, there is no particular reason but many common reasons are there like overload of work, money problems, daily fights in the house, diseases and other stuff that can lead you to be stressful all the time not just at work but at all the time.

And the cruel thing about stress is it not just affects you alone it affects all the people who are close to you like your family members, there are some ways to cope up with the stress and we will tell you 3 tips that will help you do that.

Get a friendly environment at home

Starting your day is one of the most important things for people who goes to work so many sure you maintain a friendly and light environment and this is for people who’s husband or dad is stressed all the time make sure you keep the environment inside the house light and happy, don’t fight with your family or scream or get angry at the start make sure when you going out for work before that whatever time you spend from waking up to having breakfast that time goes super peacefully and you get good vibes at home, the start is the most important thing because if you start your day with anger then there is for sure a 100% chance that you will not have a great day after that so make sure you get off the house with a good mood and not get mad at small stuff.

Listening to music when you are on the way to work

Music always helps to cool a person down and sending good vibes to the brain when the person is feeling stress, when you go for work as soon as you get into your car connect the phone to the car sound system and okay some music that you love and like to hear it, and if you are going by bus or taxi just take your headphones and play your favourite music that will make you go into a relaxation mode and forget all the things about your work, home and Every related stuff that can give you stress and make you smile, your mind will go into a state where it’s focusing on the song and don’t have any other thoughts just enjoying the song and its lyrics and every other things are nothing but a blank page, and when you reach your work and stop music you will find yourself feeling good maybe singing that song you were listening and ready to interact with people and fresh for work, do this music activity at your lunch break and when you coming back from office so even when you are at home you will be happy and stress free and can continue maintaining the friendly environment for next day.

Focus on one work at a time

While doing work and when you have many different projects that you need to complete you try doing them simultaneously thinking it will be easy there are 7 windows open in your computer and you giving 5 to 10 min in every tab and then switching to different project. I know people think multitasking is a good thing and can save you a lot of time and hustle, but let me tell you the truth that when you try to multitask you will find in the end everything that you did has been wrong in many places as when you do multitasking your mind combine all the things you are thinking and you putting your mind in a confusing Stage where it mix all the things that you have been working on if you making telly sheets for 4 different account you will mix all the numbers for sure so don’t do that it’s okay to work a little longer because that will save your many minutes of redoing all those because you mess them up, so try taking it slow on your own pace and make sure if your boss gives you more work and tell you to give it to me asap, he doesn’t mean do them simultaneously.

So start taking it slow do your own pace focus on one and when you do, it will be fun for you to work and less stressful and won’t be angry why the work messed up In the end.…