The best book to read this month

There are many writers that keep publishing their books every month you will see many books and in many genres like horror, thriller, romance, mystery, life of slice, sci-fi and etc. That has gotten a release and if you love to read books then you know the feeling that you get when you finally read a great book it can make your whole month better right? Whether you like a thriller or to some great literary gems we will tell some of the great books and the best books to read this month that will make you feel satisfied with them and they will be worth every penny that you going to spend on them.

Olive, Again by Elizabeth Strout

The writer Elizabeth Scott brings her another great book, carrying the life of olive Kitteridge, from her last book in that was released in 2008, this book is similar to the previous one and also explained it to the short stories types, the book is based on the life of olive after her 17 to her 80, so if you looking for a great life-based story this one you should consider reading.

Grandmothers by Salley Vickers

Salley Vickers the award-winning writer, came with this grandmothers book based on the lives of 3 women and their relationship with the new generation the younger generation, the story revolves around the point where all 3 of them realise and discovering that past is always with us and we go on learning and trying to change until the very end, the book is on right now going crazy, the people are waiting for it so furiously and I’m pretty sure you will too if you are a book reader, so I would recommend trying to add this on reading list.

The Starless Sea by Erin Mogenstern

The starless sea is another great option for you to consider the book revolve around the story of a graduate student living in Vermont named Zachary Ezra Rawlins, when he discovered a book hidden in the stacks and get amazed and surprised when he read the book in the book he found many stories of key collectors, lovelorn prisoner’s and then he read a story of his childhood and being surprised and shocked how that story came to record he started investigating the clues inside the book that took him to a party in New York, to a street club, and through a doorway to a library that was very ancient and it was far below the surface, now I’m gonna stop here and let you read the book without killing any more of your excitement.

The Tenth Muse by Catherine Chung

Catherine Chung offers a great book that is beautiful sweeping tale of legacy, identity and how we can be set free by our mind, the story of the tenth muse is about a girl named Katherine who knew that she was different and her parents are different from what they seem to be, and in passion of becoming a mathematician she must conquer some questions like who is she? What is the cost of ambition? and what is the cost of Love? And she negotiates the maths to get the answers to those questions that she had and wanted to be free not someone sideline and she refuses to stay silent, so if you are interested now which I know you are then you should consider this one giving a go.

Oligarchy by Scarlett Thomas

This one is a really great and awesome story, firstly the author Scarlett Thomas did a really great work on this book and if you would have been reading her books for a long time you will see the Scarlett Thomas writing and what you would have expected from her, the story revolves around a girl Natasha that has been sent to an all-girls boarding school and when she gets there she experiences a whole nother world that is not very good and she deals with problems like pecking order, eating disorder and Instagram angst, and then after a few time her friend Bianca suddenly went missing and then the life in the school get darker, send the goosebumps right? So I would really recommend you reading this one.


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