Want to save on fuel? Try converting to LPG gas:

What is LPG?

LPG(Liquified Petroleum Gas) is a gas which we use in our household for cooking. Several gases come under the category of LPG gas. For example propane, butane, propane-butane. Different countries supply different categories of LPG to their citizen. In Australia, LPG contains only propane, whereas in India we have 60% propane and 40% butane. Thus in India, we have mix LPG.

Application areas of LPG:

The major application of LPG throughout the globe is for cooking purposes. LPG is quite cost-efficient and is easy to handle as compared to other flammable gases. The other applications of LPG include sectors like agriculture, Food industries, sailing, and fishing sectors.

LPG in agriculture:

Though we haven’t noticed it, however, the agricultural profession has become a very competitive profession. There is a tough competition going on to produce crop production which is of good quality, better for sustainability, and at the same time cost-efficient. Thus in order to achieve this farmers should have a cost-efficient technology. Now comes LPG into the picture. There are various applications in the agricultural domain where we require heat and fire. For example, poultry sheds, greenhouses, and nurseries require adequate space heating which can be obtained using LPG. Similarly, nowadays pest control is done using heat instead of chemicals to avoid spraying of chemicals on crop products. The plants which are grown in greenhouses require CO2 for their growth. Thus CO2 is also being produced using LPG. Similarly, today’s irrigation technology requires engines to operate. As engines come into the picture there has to be some kind of fuel that will drive the engine. Thus again LPG comes into the picture and in this way, we can go on and on.

LPG in the Food Industry:

Now, this is something which every one of us has noticed. From a tea stall to a 5-star restaurant every part of the food industry uses LPG in some or other way. This is because as far as fuels are concerned LPG is the cheapest and best option for the food industry. As discussed above LPG is also easy to handle. As new cuisines are getting evolved the control over the flame is also very important. Thus the LPG technology which we have facilitates easy control of flames and no professional training is required. For frying applications, LPG proves to be the best option because there are different food items which require the different temperature of oils to achieve certain level crispiness and taste. The best example would be French Fries. Thus Food industry is quite influenced by LPG.

Initiatives of Government India to switch over LPG:

There were some vital steps taken by the Government of India which were affiliated to LPG. Pradhan Mantri Ujwala Yojna was one of them. According to this scheme government of India took an initiative to provide LPG gas cylinders 3 burner to the rural parts of India. According to this scheme families which reside in the rural part of India and which are below the poverty line, LPG is made accessible to such families. Later on, this scheme was also made open to Schedule cast and Schedule tribe communities. The point to notice here is that the government stated that they have launched this scheme to empower women and to protect their “HEALTH ISSUES” which were being caused due to traditional stoves which women used for cooking. From this, we can also conclude that LPG also reduces the health-related issues which are caused due to traditional cooking procedure.

Change in LPG Consumption:

According to several reports and case studies, it is observed that the consumption of LPG increased from 56.2% to 89%. This means there was a nearly a leap of 32.8%. Indian fuel companies have added nearly 100 million consumers since 2015. The Government of India is also suggesting people, that to give up their extra subsidy of LPG cylinders to provide access to LPG cylinders to families that are below the poverty line. Uttarakhand is the only state where people have switched 100% of their domestic cooking application to LPG. Eastern states are near to 70%. Western states are somewhere around 81.9 percent, and southern states being on second number have 99.7 percent of their domestic cooking application switched to LPG gas.

Overall Advantages of LPG:

  1. It is a non-toxic and non-corrosive gas.
  2. Less emission of CO2, NOx, and other higher levels of hydrocarbons.
  3. Knocking and vibrations are very much less in LPG engines.
  4. Cleaning of the combustion chamber is not required rigorously because particulate emissions are very less.
  5. High Octane rating and burns very cleanly.
  6. Octane rating is more than 100 RON.

Conclusion: In this article, we have tried to discuss what is LPG, Its different types, and how it is the best source for fuel as compared to others in various parameters and especially in terms of cost-efficiency. We also discussed its various applications and indulgence of the Government Of India in the initiative to switch to LPG gas. At Last, we discussed the Overall advantages to use LPG.


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